For customers who can't carry out activation.

For customers who can't carry out activation.

For activation, you need to insert the Japan Welcome SIM into the device, turn the Wi-Fi to OFF, and connect with the activation website below.


Please be aware that if the Wi-Fi is turned ON or if the Japan Welcome SIM is not inserted into the device, you will not be able to connect to the activation website.

If you have followed the above instructions but are still unable to activate it, please try the following steps.

(1) If it is an Android device, please check whether it has 1 or more APN settings or not. If there is not even 1 APN setting the model will be offline, so please create 1 or more APN settings (a dummy one is possible).

<How to check: Example>
Settings>Mobile network>APN settings>Add>Enter APN name and save
<How to make a dummy APN: Example>
- NAME (APN name) : jws
- APN : jws
*No settings for items apart from those above

(2) Please check that your mobile data communication is valid.

(3) If it is a device with several SIMs in it, please check that the Japan Welcome SIM is on a priority setting. If you still can't activate it, try only inserting the Japan Welcome SIM, and carry out activation.

(4) You can't use the Japan Welcome SIM on devices with SIM locks. Please contact the maker of your device for questions regarding unlocking your SIM.

(5) If you have tried the above mentioned (1)-(4) steps, and still can't connect with the website, please restart your device again, and try once again.

(6) If you have connected to the activation website, but can't receive SMS, please check out the following.
Devices that can't use SMS (like iPads) can't carry out activation, so please activate it on a device that can receive SMS. After activation has taken place, you can replace the SIM card back into the device that can't use SMS (like iPads) and then use it.

(7) There are occasions when SIM activation can't be carried out during maintenance times.

Maintenance times: Every Tuesday 10:30 PM – (Wednesday) 8:30 AM (Japan time)
Maintenance may also be carried out without prior notice at times different to those mentioned above.

Services and specifications

What kind of service is Japan Welcome SIM?

This service is a prepaid SIM service for mobile data transmission, provided by NTT DOCOMO, Inc. to visitors to Japan. Since this service is for data transmission only, voice calls are not possible. However, SMS text messages can be received only.

What kind of plans are available?

There are 3 types of plan that are shown below.

  • 1. Plan S⇒1,080 yen (including tax) High-speed data: 0 MB
  • 2. Plan M⇒1,836 yen (including tax) High-speed data: 600 MB
  • 3. Plan L⇒2,376 yen (including tax) High-speed data: 1.2 GB

For all the plans, there is unlimited free usage of 128 kbps (maximum speed) processing for a 15 day period from the start of the SIM usage.

In what areas can I use the Japan Welcome SIM?

Transmission is possible countrywide in Japan.
Specific areas can be confirmed through the following website. (Japanese only)


Is transmission impossible if my LTE/3G data capacity runs out?

You can use an unlimited 128kbps connection for the first 15 days of using the SIM card.

Can I make voice calls or use SMS text messages?

Voice is not available. SMS can only be received, not sent.

Is tethering possible?

It depends on the devices you use. Please refer to the guide book of your device.

Does it support 2G/GSM?

Unfortunately, 2G/GSM devices are not supported.

How fast the data transmission will be?

High-speed data transmission
- 682Mpbs maximum (Download)
- 50Mbps maximum (Upload)
Slow data transmission: 128Kbps maximum for both download and upload

How much data capacity should I charge for high-speed transmission?

The volume of data required will vary depending on your usage situation and the number of days you are staying.

For reference, please consider the following approximations of what you can do with 100MB of data:
Browse the top page of a news website (mobile version): approx. 340 times
Send a text message (about 100 characters): approx. 5,600 times
Watch a video (medium quality): 24 minutes

What SIM sizes are available?

You can use this as a standard/micro/nano SIM card.

What is a Multi-cut SIM?

This is a SIM card that you can cut into a standard/micro/nano size for use.

Are there any restrictions on mobile data usage?

Depending on network conditions, there may be cases where the transmission gets slower or connection becomes difficult. Also, you may be disconnected in case of attempting to transfer a high vlume of packets in one session or within a given period of time, in case of staying connected for long periods of time or in case of continuous attempts to connect over a given priod of time.
We also reserve the right to restrict the traffic by the specific software or protocols which we designate.

Can I use a single SIM card in multiple devices?

As long as your devices are supported, you are able to swap the SIM card among devices.

Can I also apply / use from a computer?

You can also apply / use from a personal computer.

Are there conditions for terminals that can use Japan Welcome SIM?

The Service may be used by SIM-unlocked devices that satisfy the following requirements. (Please verify prior to applying for the service.)

  • -Your device and SIM card are being used on the network with which the DOCOMO operates a roaming partnership in your native country, or your device has received a technical certification.
  • -Your device should operate on one of the following frequencies:
    LTE: Band 1/3/19/21/28 FOMA (3G)' Band I/VI/XIX

How can I check your roaming partner?

How can I check that my device has received a technical certification.

If you can check the Technical Conformity mark on the device which you insert the SIM card, your device has received a technical certification. Technical Conformity mark is printed on the device's body or displayed in the setting menu.

- For Technical Conformity mark, please confirm here. (English Only)


What type of plan is Plan 0 Area?

Plan 0 is a great value plan that allows you to get a SIM card for free by completing particular missions that are specified for the plan. There are certain conditions regarding the number of SIMs to be distributed and the exchange places, so please thoroughly check these out before applying.

About applications

What is a d ACCOUNT?

A d ACCOUNT is an ID which is necessary to confirm your identity when using smartphone and/or computer services provide by NTT DOCOMO or websites that have a "d ACCOUNT login".

Can someone other than the applicant use this service?

Only the applicant may use the service. Reselling or allowing an unspecified third party to use the service is forbidden. If discovered, transmission will be cut off and the contract terminated.

I didn't receive a confirmation email when my d ACCOUNT was issued, so I can't complete the registration procedures.

Please check whether it is in the junk e-mail folder.
Or, since there is a possibility that the E-mail address you entered when creating the d ACCOUNT is incorrect, please make sure you do not make a mistake again.

My d ACCOUNT password is locked.

Access this page to reset your password.

I forgot my d ACCOUNT ID/password.

Your d ACCOUNT ID is the e-mail address you used to register. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it at this page.

Other d ACCOUNT inquiries

Please see here for all other d ACCOUNT-related inquiries (Japanese only)

d ACCOUNT top page -> お困りのときに

I do not have a credit card. Can I still apply?

In order to prevent unauthorized use, we must confirm applicants' identities.
Therefore, if you do not have a credit card, you will be unable to apply.

My registration confirmation e-mail has not arrived.

Please check your spam folder to see if the e-mail has been sorted into there.
You may have also incorrectly entered the e-mail address you used to register with. If this is the case, please try registering again with the correct address.

What are the details I entered when registering used for?

These details are used for ongoing service improvements.

Can I change my desired date of pickup of my SIM card?

You can change it by logging in to the Japan Welcome SIM site.

Can I change my plan?

You cannot change plans but as the difference between Plan S, Plan M and Plan L is the amount of high-speed data that is set when you apply for them, people who need additional data can purchase more after they login.

Can a single user make use of multiple SIM cards?

Multiple applications are not accepted.

Is there an age restriction?

This service is open to people age 20 and up.

What are coupon codes?

Coupon codes offer a discount or bonus when applied at checkout. Please consult with the coupon code issuer for details on what benefits it offers.

Can I enter multiple coupon codes?

You can only apply one coupon code per submission.

I forgot to enter my coupon code. Can I enter it after applying?

Coupon codes must be entered when applying; they cannot be entered after the fact.

I entered my coupon code, but I am getting an error.

In general, this could be caused by one of the three issues below:

  • - The coupon code has expired.
  • - The coupon code is incorrect.
  • - This is part of a “Refer a Friend” promotion, and the number of introductions has been used up.

I am unable to process payment with a credit card.

Please wait and try again later. If the issue is still not resolved at that time, please contact your credit card provider. We support Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB cards.

I am unable to select a SIM card size when applying.

Since we offer Multi-cut SIM cards, you can cut yourself to a standard/micro/nano size even if you do not select a specific size when applying.

Can I change the date and location where I plan to pick up my SIM card?

You can change the above within 150 days of application.
Note that dates are displayed based on Japan Time.

I applied, but I am getting sent back to the purchase screen.

There is a possibility that the application did not register successfully. Please check your inbox for a confirmation e-mail. If 150 or more days have elapsed since application or 15 days have elapsed since the start of use, the service automatically terminates, so you will have to apply for a new card.

When using the service for a second time, can I use my previous d ACCOUNT?

Yes, you can.

When using the service for a second time, can I use the SIM card I first used?

No, you cannot. Please reapply and obtain a new SIM card.

Credits for viewing advertisements

What are the credits I can get for viewing advertisements?

By watching advertisements on the page or responding to surveys, you can get credits for high-speed data usage.

What are the requirements for getting data credits by watching advertisements?

This varies based on the advertisements offered. Please log in to the site to check.

How long will it take for my high-speed data to become active after watching advertisements?

It will be enabled immediately.
Note that the high-speed volume displayed on the site may not be immediately applied.

What is the maximum amount of high-speed data I can get credited for watching advertisements?

There is no maximum, but the number of advertisements available to you varies based on the nature of your application and current availability.

Purchasing data credits

Can I charge additional data by buying credits?

Provided your card is still valid for use, you can purchase high-speed data.

Where can I buy this?

Log in to the site, then access Menu, then “Purchase recharge”.

What sizes of data are available?

You can buy data in units of 100 MB, 500 MB and 1 GB. 100 MB: 216 yen (incluidng tax), 500 MB: 756 yen (including tax), 1 GB: 1,296 yen (including tax)

If I want to apply again within 15 days of starting use of the SIM card, what should I do?

We do not accept simultaneous applications; you will have to first cancel your current subscription before applying.

Can I use the service for more than 15 days?

Unfortunately, this is not supported. The SIM cards are valid for 15 days from the day of first use.

If I purchase high-speed data, can I extend the usage period for the service?

The SIM card usage period is 15 days from the day of first use. We do not offer extensions.

How long will it take for my high-speed data to become active after purchasing it?

It will be enabled immediately after purchase.
Note that the high-speed volume displayed on the site may not be immediately applied.

I purchased high-speed data, but my balance did not increase.

Note that data balance displayed may differ slightly from actual data balance. Please wait and try again.

Where can I check my past purchased data?

Log in to the site, then access Menu, and “Member information”, then “Ad viewing/data acquisition history”.

What payment methods are offered?

We support credit card payments only. You can use a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or JCB card.

Can I transfer leftover charges to my next account?

No, you cannot.

SIM pickup and starting use

Where do I pick up my card?

Pickup locations include airport service counters. For details, see here.

How does SIM card pickup work?

After registration, log in to your account and print or take a screen shot of the exchange QR code displayed, and show that to a staff at the pick-up location.

I am getting a message that says, “Exchange Code Cannot be Used.”

This may be caused by the following issues. Please check the issue and apply again.

  • - You canceled service with the issuer of the coupon code used at checkout, thereby automatically canceling its use on Japan Welcome SIM.
  • - Incorrect/unauthorized application data was submitted.

I forgot to collect my SIM card. Can you send it to my hotel?

We do not offer a shipment service. Please visit the collection point to pick it up.

Can I pick up my SIM card at a different place and date than the one I registered for?

As a rule, no. You must first change these details in advance.

How can I begin using the service?

Please follow the steps below.

  • - Insert the SIM card into your device and access the activation site listed on the instruction manual.
  • - Log in to your d ACCOUNT.
  • - Enter the telephone number of the SIM card (displayed on the card) and obtain a confirmation SMS.
  • - Enter the number on the SMS on the activation site

*No need to configure APN settings

What are APN settings?

APN refers to an access point name and is a setting that is usually required when configuring a network. However, our system automates this process for you.

About campaign

What is the friend introduction campaign ?

In this promotion, users (referrer) under contract with Japan Welcome SIM through March 31, 2019 are offered a coupon code that they can present to new users (referee) to use when applying. This entitles both parties to a gift of 100MB in high-speed data.

It is applied to applications made through March 31, 2019.

Each person you introduce entitles you to 100MB of high-speed data, up to a maximum of 10 people (1GB).

The high-speed data bonus is applied in real-time after the referee completes application, but may be delayed due to network connectivity.

Where can I check my “refer a friend” codes?

Log in to the site, then access Menu, then “Introduce Friends”.


Can I cancel my plan?

Access your customer details page on the Japan Welcome SIM site to carry out cancellation procedures. Note that payments are not refunded, regardless of whether you have or have not used the service.

I've applied for Plan 0 Area but would like to cancel.

Please carry out the cancellation procedures on the Japan Welcome SIM's customer information page. If you are unable to cancel from that page, please contact us using the inquiry form.

Post-use procedures

After concluding or terminating use of the service, do I have to return the SIM card?

After using the service, please cut the SIM card with scissors to prevent fraudulent use and dispose of it accordingly.

  • *Note that ownership rights of the SIM card vest with our company.
  • *If you wish to return the card to us, please send it to the address below.

You are responsible for return shipping fees.

Post code: 100-6150
Sanno Park Tower, 17th Floor, 2-11-1, Nagata-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
SIM Card Returns Center c/o Japan Welcome SIM


Where can I see the details with which I registered?

Log in to the site, then access Menu, then “Member information”.

How can I delete the details with which I registered?

After 15 days since starting use, or if the card was not used and 150 days since application have elapsed, this data is deleted automatically.

If you wish to delete this data immediately, please cancel your subscription or withdraw from your d ACCOUNT. Note that withdrawing from your d ACCOUNT will automatically cancel and terminate your Japan Welcome SIM contract.

How can I opt out of AudienceOne?

Please access this page to carry out opt-out procedures.

Where can I see the service agreement and privacy policy?

Please see this page. (Plan S/M/L), (Plan 0 Area)